Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Priority One

What could keep a dedicated computer nut away from his favorite keyboard, and not adding to his favorite blog for almost a month?

His favorite little girl.

Not to mention trying to keep the household afloat.

June was busy, but July was busier, with trips to the big city, rushing our little one to Children's Hospital a total of three times (not counting scheduled appointments).

I only just discovered the hospital library has Internet access the last time we were down there, but limited to 1/2 hour sessions.

Such is life.

Not to worry, though. The bigger picture is looking good, our little girl is doing better. Life is slowly approaching its more-or-less nominal status again. All with a layer of known uncertainty on top of the unknown uncertainty.

What do I mean?

The Unknown Uncertainty is stuff like:

  • getting hit by a car
  • getting hit by a meteor
  • getting struck by lightning

You know, the stuff you know could happen but isn't likely to. Like getting childhood cancer.

Thankfully, our little girl doesn't have cancer.

But, she has had seizures.

If the first time, one-and-a-half years ago, was the last time, then we wouldn't be so nervous. But it hasn't been. Especially these past two months she's had several days of nothing but seizures.

On the other hand, most of the time she is seizure-free.

However, we are watching extra closely, just in case.

That's what I mean by Known Uncertainty.

We have to be careful to not second-guess ourselves and our child; to not over-protect her, to let her be a kid and not a fragile hot-house flower, untested by normal weather.

It gets a tad nerve-wracking.

On the other hand, we have had mountains of support, prayer, even an offer of a Sioux cleansing ritual, by way of helping her get better. You can't buy such love and giving, and I am wonderfully grateful to all involved.

Thank You.

You folks collectively and individually have helped in ways you don't know. I don't know the full extent of your concern, either. All I know, is that our child is still our happy child, still spreading sunshine, giving hugs wherever she goes.

Thank you for helping her spread her love throughout her corner of the world.

Just in case you thought you don't make a difference.

Yes, You Do.

P.S. Just so you know, all of her tests have come back clear: no known organic cause. That means the docs are still scratching their heads. But no injury, no tumor, no visible flaw in brain development. All signs that she will eventually 'grow out' of this. Our trips to Children's Hospital have reminded us, as bad as it is, it could be much worse.

Have a great day!

Yes, You Can

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