Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Y’know, it’s easy to fall into the entitlement mind set. “I deserve this, because…,” “ I deserve that, because …,” After a while, the because falls away, and it’s just “I Deserve …,” Voila! The entitlement mindset.

We fall into it because our egos like it. To quote Pippin in the musical of the same name: “The fact that I’m different is easy to see …,” and so we should get different treatment. If you find yourself slipping into this mindset, I have one word of advice:


The “Devil Entitlement” sneaks up on a body without notice most of the time. It arrives, quietly, and slowly tells you things you want to hear: “Go ahead, no one will miss that last piece of cake,” “You are a rising star, no one can miss it,” “Sure he got the job, but you’re better. Besides, you deserved the promotion more that he did. It’s not fair.” You get the idea. You may have noticed that “Devil Entitlement” is a flatterer.

Don’t listen to it.

You may have many good qualities, and I hope that you do. But each day you have to prove yourself anew. You have to do what you do best, do it to the best of your ability, and work for what you want.

Wishing won’t do it. Whining won’t do it. Cussing won't do it. Working does it.

Ah. Time for the rest of the lyric quote: “The fact that I’m different is easy to see./So why doesn’t anybody know it but me?/It’s so secondary,/To someone who is very/extraordinary;/ Like ME!”

The fact is, you are different. But, it’s not obvious how you are different from all those other ‘different’ people out there, especially the ones who are caught up with the entitlement mindset.

You have to show people that you are different, and you have to show them how you are different. Most especially, you have to show them why your difference should make all the difference to them!

The fact that you’re different is not easy to see. Show it to them. Prove it to them. Help them understand. In fact, just help them.

Yes, you can.

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