Tuesday, February 2, 2010



We've come such a long way.

We have so much choice that it often renders us unable to choose. From Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors of ice cream, to blue jeans that are other colors, cuts, fits, styles, even including "pre-distressing" for those of use who don't wear jeans to work in, but want to 'look that way'.

Our culture values choice highly...

...Except making the 'wrong' choice, the 'politically incorrect' choice. Then we are derided, and attempts are made to stifle our say.

The captains of the 'Pro-Choice' camp are proving they are anything but pro-choice.

A woman's choice to choose an abortion is proclaimed, yet, when a woman chooses, against all advice, to not abort but maintain the pregnancy, she is thought, at best, to be backward. And if her not-aborted son becomes something of a success?

He Must Not Be Allowed To Tell His Story.
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I guess because doing so threatens the position of the 'Pro-Choice' crowd. But that can only be if, instead of choice, they were really 'Pro-Abortion', and not really for choice at all.

Thus we come to Pam Tebow, and her son, Tim.

Pam made the hard choice, against all recommendation, to carry Tim to term. This young man, successful in his life, chooses to tell his mother, publicly, "Thank You."

NOW doesn't want that, and in fact has raised a ruckus to have the Super Bowl advertisement removed from the list. They want to censor his speech. In this day, when flag-burning in protest is allowed, and Mapplethorpe's photographs are heralded as the best part of freedom of expression, a man is not allowed to say "Thank you," to his mother, "For deciding to bear me and raise me, in spite of the reasons not to."

Why not? Who is offended? Only those with an agenda that does not celebrate life.

Apparently NOW doesn't celebrate life. Its wishing for choice is only for those who choose to remove 'the product of conception' from their bodies, not for those who choose to keep it, bear it, opting for life in that choice.

Am I reading NOW's collective mind? No. I can only judge their intent from their actions. This action is consistent with past actions of backing only one side of choice. It is not surprising, merely sad.

For myself, I choose life whenever and wherever I can. I encourage you to do so as well.

Yes, you can!

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